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Meet our Board: Brad Magg

Brad Magg serves as Colfax Main Street's Vice President. He also owns two small businesses, is a downtown Colfax business owner, and is a Colfax City Council member. (Photo courtesy of Newton Daily News).

Brad Magg has been a hustler since he was a little kid. By the time he graduated from Colfax-Mingo High School in 2005, Brad had already started and ran his own Tropical Sno Shaved Ice business and a family catering company. Today, Brad is a very busy young professional business owner of two area businesses (Goldie's Restaurant in Prairie City and Magg Family Catering in Colfax) and owns and manages a historic building in downtown Colfax. Oh, did we mention that Brad is also been a long time Colfax City Council member as well? Brad is as hustler; he gets stuff done.

Although Brad is extremely busy with the demands of being a multiple business owner and civil servant, he still volunteers many hours of each month to act as Colfax Main Street's Vice President. Brad is often found hustling to help 'fill in gaps' and assisting President Cindy Van Dusseldorp and Executive Director Stuart Patterson with the many tasks that need done with running the program. He also is the point person for planning and implementing major community events like The Colfax Demo Derby or most recently Colfax's monthly Bingo Nights.

Brad Magg (second from left) and other volunteers at The Colfax Demo Derby

Brad has been an invaluable resource in helping keep the program running for the last ten years. In fact, he helped give birth to Colfax Main Street over a decade ago; it's sort of his baby and passion project. A little over 10 years ago he and a group of other concerned Colfax citizens banded together to form the Take Pride Where You Reside program which was the precursor of Colfax Main Street. This group formed after hearing the results of a community survey in Colfax hosted by the Iowa Downtown Resource Center. The survey revealed that Colfax residents at the time had an overwhelmingly negative opinion about their community. The Take Pride Where You Reside Committee formed to combat this negativity by creating large and small community projects that would help boost the city's overall appeal and feelings about itself. This group eventually morphed into Colfax Main Street which has brought 10 years of positive change for the city.

Brad handing out candy at Colfax Country Christmas

Brad told us of the great changes he's seen in his hometown since Colfax Main Street began. "Where the program has taken us in the last 10 years has brought about wonderful change to our town. The Downtown Facade Grant Program gave our historic buildings a much needed face-lift. I think since Main Street's start and the facade renovations our community has an improved reputation and has changed how we view ourselves. I know a lot of other communities have been asking us at City Hall how our community has changed so much and how they can do it too."

Brad is also excited about Colfax's future. Being on the outskirts of Des Moines, he thinks that Colfax is in a great spot for residential and commercial growth. Putting all the effort into enhancing the downtown and making it attractive is a big selling point for potential residents and businesses. Brad really loves to socialize and bring people together, so he's most excited about the prospect of new great people making Colfax their home and eventually one day becoming his friend.

We're thankful for Brad's passion for Colfax. In our interview with him he told us that he wants to leave the world a better place and wants to help Colfax, in his words "Be the best it can be!" Sometimes you hustle the hardest for what you love. Thank's Brad for working hard for Colfax!

If you would like more information on how you can serve the community of Colfax like Colfax Main Street's Vice President Brad Magg does, contact us through our 'Give Back' or 'Contact Us' tabs to find out about the many ways you can volunteer or give.

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