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Colfax Business Spotlight: Shomo-Madsen-Stayner Insurance

Kendra Perry (Left), Brook Otto (Middle), and Baylee Holzman (Right) are agents at Shomo-Madsen-Stayner Insurance in Downtown Colfax.

Meet the team at Shomo-Madson-Stayner Insurance in Downtown Colfax!

Brook Otto, Kendra Perry, and Baylee Holtzman are a local team of insurance agents who strive to provide quality insurance solutions for the community of Colfax and beyond. They hope their office in Colfax can be an honest and accessible resource for existing and new clients; you get to talk to them as agents in person versus an automated system and they will always give you a fair and truthful assessment. Their business offers personal, commercial, farm, crop, flood, business, life, and health insurance policies. Together the three agents in Colfax have a combined 32 years of experience in the insurance field, and they use that expertise to help their clients find the best coverage for their needs. Brook, Colfax’s branch manager, told us at Colfax Main Street that she loves her profession because it gives her an opportunity to be helpful to people by providing a product that everyone needs and she gets to help her neighbors in the community.

Shomo-Madsen-Stayner Insurance can be found at 128 N. Walnut St. in Downtown Colfax.

The agency in Colfax has been under the leadership of Shomo-Madsen Insurance based in Marshalltown, Iowa for four years, but the office in Colfax has been an agency under different ownership for over 30 years. The Colfax agents also had high praise for Shomo-Madsen’s owners in Marshalltown; the owners have created a very family oriented business that believes in supporting their staff members and their communities where their offices are located.

The agents live in Colfax or nearby communities such as Newton or Mingo, and their families are involved in the local school systems (Kendra is on the Colfax-Mingo School Board as the representative for Mingo and Baylee moved her family to Colfax for the schooling opportunities). Kendra also grew up in Colfax and said that growing up here felt like she had a bigger family than just her immediate family. The agents told us that they enjoy their office being in Downtown Colfax and are looking forward to being a part of business community and future events. All of the agents started working in Colfax just prior or during the Covid-19 Pandemic which hindered some of their participation, but they are excited for future involvement. They are most excited for the future coffee shop owned by Sheepgate (formerly Adult and Teen Challenge of the Midlands) on Howard Street to open in the Downtown (especially Baylee Holtzman, who shouted out her desire for a coffee shop to us from a different room)!

Shomo-Madsen-Stayner Insurance in Colfax can be found at 128 N. Walnut Street, by phone at 515-674-3722, or at

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