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Colfax Business Spotlight: Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy!

Emily Ciha, Doctor of Physical Therapy, is the lead therapist at Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy in Downtown Colfax.

Meet Emily Ciha, Doctor of Physical Therapy at Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy in Downtown Colfax! Emily is the primary physical therapist at the Colfax clinic, which is a branch of the Kinetic Edge clinic in Newton, Iowa. Kinetic Edge’s Colfax clinic is one of Downtown Colfax’s newest businesses which opened in November of 2020. Colfax Main Street is thrilled to welcome expanded health care services in our community! Colfax Main Street was recently able to chat with Emily in an interview about her profession, her life, and her clinic, after a few months of working in Downtown Colfax.

Emily graciously filled us in at Colfax Main Street on what physical therapy is and what a physical therapist does. According to Emily, physical therapists are movement specialists, and physical therapy is the practice of helping people move the best they can after injuries, surgeries, for athletic performance, for preventative health, or for any reason a client is wanting greater physical mobility, and to be able to move without pain.

Emily first became interested in becoming a physical therapist after having physical therapy while growing up in her hometown of West Branch, Iowa. She was intrigued by this profession because the physical therapists she worked with seemed to genuinely enjoy their job of helping people with their health. This set her on a path of studying athletic training at Central College in Pella, Iowa and then attending physical therapy school at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Emily is passionate about her profession and the clients she works with. According to Emily, her favorite aspect of her job is seeing people get back to what they like to do after completing therapy. Outside of the clinic, Emily enjoys being active and spending time with her friends and family – especially outdoors. Emily’s favorite thing about her first few months in Colfax has been how friendly everyone has been.

Emily Ciha, Matt Scotton of the Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy Clinic in Newton, and Colfax Main Street representatives cut the ribbon to open the clinic in November 2020.

Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy offers client-centered care and unique individualized programs to help each client achieve their mobility goals. Kinetic Edge offers a free movement screening to all new and potential clients to help assess strength and motion, and to determine if physical therapy would be beneficial to the client. Once that is determined, Emily will schedule and conduct a complete evaluation, and then tailor a personalized plan for the client, working one on one with them until their goals are achieved. Kinetic Edge accepts most insurance plans, and will conduct a complimentary benefits check for each client prior to the evaluation. According to Emily, Iowa is a Direct Access state, which means clients can schedule physical therapy, with no need to see a physician first.

To set up an appointment with Emily at the Colfax clinic, call the Newton clinic at 641-791-9675. The Colfax clinic is currently open Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:20 AM- 5:40 PM, with expanded hours planned in the near future. Colfax’s clinic is a part of the Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy family of clinics located across central Iowa, which offer the same great services at all eight of their locations. The Colfax and Newton clinics are owned by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Matt Scotton of Newton, who is a familiar face in Colfax for his work at this clinic when it first opened in 1999, and as an Athletic Trainer at Colfax-Mingo High School from 1999-2009. When you have pain or a movement problem, we encourage you to call Kinetic Edge to schedule an appointment with Emily!

Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy in Colfax is located at 107 N. Walnut St. next to Colfax Medical and Wellness. You can visit their website at or visit their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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