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Korie Whiteman receives 2020 Colfax Main Street Leadership Award!

Korie Whiteman and Colfax Main Street VP Brad Magg hosting our Colfax Bingo Fundraiser.

Colfax Main Street is pleased to announce that Korie Whiteman has been named our 2020 Leadership Award recipient for her outstanding work in 2019! Each year every Main Street Iowa Community nominates an individual who goes above and beyond to be honored at the Main Street Iowa Awards in Des Moines. This year’s ceremony would have been held on April 3, but was cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Please help us recognize Korie’s outstanding leadership within the community!

Korie working with a local student during a community clean-up day.

Korie has been involved with the Colfax Main Street program for 6 years and has served as the head of the Design Committee and more recently serves as the co-chair of our Promotions Committee. Last year Korie helped give impressive leadership for several local events and was an invaluable volunteer at our Colfax Bingo Nights and our Colfax Cinema program. As the chair of our Design Committee Korie wrote and produced history plaques for our Spring City Stories historic plaque project which completed it's second phase of plaques in 2019. Korie has been an educator at Colfax-Mingo High School since 2006 and is charge of their Generation On program. Generation On encourages student volunteerism and community service. Korie has been instrumental with connecting Colfax Main Street with much needed student volunteers at our local events. She also has led local students in downtown clean-up projects on the weekends!

Korie directing local high school students during a community clean up day.

What we’re most impressed about Korie is that she is not a resident of Colfax, but chooses to volunteer her time in Colfax! As a local educator she’s seen how Colfax Main Street has helped the community and she wants her students to be proud of their home. When local community pride increases so does the students’ pride in their community and their school district. We think Korie is an excellent role model for her students by actively seeking ways to help the places where they work, live, and play.

Thanks Korie for being an amazing volunteer and for being an asset to our school district and community!

Korie with local business owner and volunteer Brenda Tjaden helping at Mineral Springs Day.

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