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colfax business spotlight: The corner clock shop

Meet Doug Gull of The Corner Clock Shop!

Doug Gall is a Certified Horologist and has been working on clocks since the 1980s.

Doug recently opened The Corner Clock Shop at 116 N Walnut St this fall in downtown Colfax. We're excited to have such a unique business in town! Doug is a certified horologist; he can repair or even make any kind of clock or watch. He's had a lifelong fascination with tinkering and got into this industry through his brother, who is also a certified horologist. He's been tinkering with clocks off and on since the 1980s and completed a certification at Gem City College in Quincy, Illinois, which is an important horology school in the United States.

Doug lives in Nevada, Iowa with his family, but decided to open up his store in downtown Colfax after falling in love with a vacant storefront he saw while he was visiting relatives in town. His storefront, which used to be an insurance company and then a veterinary office, was just the perfect and affordable price for him to set up shop. He said he loves working in Colfax because the people have been super friendly and really supportive of his business. The mayor of Colfax was even his first customer!

Doug not only fixes and sells clocks, but he enjoys finding and selling oddities, unusual objects, tobacco pipes, and vintage jewelry. He also said he's willing to try and fix any unique items like music boxes and Victrolas.

You can find Doug tinkering, sipping away at coffee, and listening to showtunes during his shop hours Tuesday-Friday from 10AM-6PM and Saturdays from 10AM-4PM.

A collection of mantle clocks for sale at The Corner Clock Shop

Pipes, pocket watches, and oddities for sale at The Corner Clock Shop.

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