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Colfax Business Spotlight: Napa Auto Parts of Colfax

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The Coulson Family recently purchased and now run Napa Auto in Colfax

Meet the Coulson Family of Napa Auto Parts of Colfax! This past year has brought some changes and new faces to downtown Colfax. Many locals were accustomed to seeing the Napa Auto sign hang above a bright blue Italianate storefront on West Howard street for many years. Dave Burdess (aka 'Napa Dave') owned and operated Napa Auto from that location for over 30 years, but after being in business that long he was ready to retire. Thankfully, he began to joke with a family, The Coulsons, that frequented his store about their eldest daughter taking over his store. Well soon that little joke became a reality. Jason and Leslie Coulson purchased Napa Dave's store in March 2018 because they saw how beneficial it was to the community of Colfax. The Coulsons, who are from Ira, Iowa, also operate Coulson's Restoration and Repair Services and frequently need parts and equipment from Napa Auto. Buying Napa Auto was a perfect fit to compliment their existing business, and it also gives Jason a chance to take a break from taxing heavy labor. In November they moved Napa Auto to its new location in the 'Old Monroe Factory' building at 316 North Walnut Street. This newly renovated storefront has allowed Napa Auto to expand its store and allows for a garage space next door where car, heavy machinery, and tractor repair take place.

The newly renovated Napa Auto Parts store in the 'Old Monroe Factory' at 316 North Walnut Street

Although the Coulsons are not from Colfax originally, its always been a social and business hub for them. They've always seen Colfax as a growing, active, and right sized community for their businesses and they really enjoy the people. Since running their store, they said they've really become people persons and they've become really attached to their regular costumers. If you stop by their store, you'll also meet their 3 kids who help run the business.

Not only does Napa Auto sell auto parts, but they also sell tools, trailer repair supplies, lawn mower equipment, car detailing supplies, some hardware, and can make hydraulic hoses in house. Next door is their repair shop where they can do auto and heavy machinery repair. They are also open to suggestions from the community of what supplies they should carry. Currently, Colfax does not have too many options for tools, hardware, home improvement, and lawn care. If you have a suggestion or need, they'd love to hear it!

Napa Auto Parts of Colfax is open 8AM-5:30PM Monday through Friday and 8AM-12PM on Saturdays at 316 North Walnut. They can be reached at 515-674-4464 or by visiting their Facebook Page .

Napa Auto Parts of Colfax Sign

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