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Colfax Business Spotlight: The Hair Gallery!

Dannette Fahrney and Darla Edwards are sisters who have been styling hair together in Downtown Colfax for 37 years!

Meet sisters Darla Edwards and Dannette Fahrney of The Hair Gallery!

Did you know that The Hair Gallery is the longest running business in Downtown Colfax? Owner Darla Edwards has been styling hair ever since she started beauty school in 1975. She returned to Colfax 43 years ago to work for hairstylist Vicky (Ingraham) Iverson who ran the 4 Seasons Salon (then located on the corner of W. Washington and S. West Streets). Darla purchased the salon in 1980, changed the name to The Hair Gallery, and moved it to 11 E. Howard Street (now the location of Kern Law Office). 14 years later she moved the business to the building next door which is their current location at 7 E. Howard Street. In October, they’ll have been a Downtown Colfax business for 39 years!

Running the business has been a family affair. In the early 1980s, Darla hired her younger sister Dannette and they’ve been styling hair side by side ever since. They joke that when they were growing up, Dannette used to whine to her older sister, “You’re not the boss of me!” Little did she know that Darla would end up being her boss for over 37 years! Darla says that Dannette still doesn’t listen to her.

The Hair Gallery frequently participates in Colfax Main Street events like the annual Halloween Walk.

Occasionally you'll also find Darla's daughter Danae styling hair for clients at the Hair Gallery. Danae followed in her mother's footsteps in becoming a trained hair stylist and worked at the salon for a few years before going to university for a career change. When she's not busy with her other career she'll pop in to Colfax to work on family or friend's hair.

Occasionally Darla's daughter Danae Edward works at The Hair Gallery.

Family is very important for Darla and Dannette. One of the main reasons why they love hair styling was that the job was pretty flexible for them to get to spend time with their families. Running a salon in a small town meant that they were both available to be a part of their kids sporting and extra-curricular activities. Now they enjoy spending a lot of time with their adult children and grandchildren.

They also view their clients as friends and family; they’ve had clients that have been coming in regularly for years and it’s the perfect opportunity to play catch up with old friends. They want to let everyone know that they are thankful for all their past, present, and future customers!

Dannette and her mother Neoma participating in Colfax Country Christmas.

We’re thankful for Darla and Dannette for running and keeping a great business in Downtown Colfax for so long! They’ve been enthusiastic supporters of Colfax Main Street projects and events over the past 10 years. Darla and her husband Don renovated the exterior of their building with the help of Colfax Main Street and the CDBG Downtown Revitalization Grant and were one of the early renovators and leaders of Colfax’s downtown renaissance. Hair Gallery also actively participates in our local downtown celebrations such as the Halloween Walk and Colfax Country Christmas. We’re hoping that the sisters stick around for another 39 years!

Darla and Don Edwards restored the historic facade of their Downtown Colfax building with the help of Colfax Main Street and the CBDG Downtown Revitalization Grant.

The Hair Gallery offers hair services and supplies and is open by appointment. Please call 515-674-4400 to schedule an appointment today!

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