Promoting Main Street takes many forms, but the ultimate goal is to position the downtown or commercial district as the center of the community and the hub of economic activity, while creating a positive image that showcases a community’s unique characteristics.

This can be done through

  • highlighting cultural traditions,

  • celebrating and preserving important architecture and history,

  • encouraging local businesses to market cooperatively, offering coordinated specials and sales, and

  • hosting special events aimed at changing perceptions of the district and

  • communicating to residents, investors, businesses, and property-owners that this place is special. 

Some examples have been:

  1. Music in the Park

  2. Mineral Springs Days

  3. Community-Wide Garage Sales

  4. Shop Small Saturday

  5. Country Christmas

  6. Silent Auction of Christmas Wreaths

Organization Committee

A strong organizational foundation is key for a sustainable Main Street revitalization effort. ...the organizational type, the focus is on ensuring that all organizational resources (partners, funding, volunteers, etc.) are mobilized to effectively implement the Community Transformative Strategies.

Organization Committee is in charge of

  • volunteer recruitment and organization,

  • fundraising,

  • a newsletter and

  • general office tasks.

Some examples have been:

  1. Colfax Christmas Tour of Homes

  2. Colfax Christmas Lights Contest

Economic Restructuring Committee

Revitalizing a downtown or neighborhood commercial district requires focusing on the underlying Economic Vitality of the district. 

This work is rooted in

  • a commitment to making the most of a community’s unique sense of place and existing historic assets,

  • harnessing local economic opportunity and

  • creating a supportive business environment for small business owners and the growing scores of entrepreneurs, innovators, and localists alike.

  • With the nation-wide growing interest in living downtown, supporting downtown housing is also a key element of building Economic Vitality.

In simple terms, the Economic Vitality Committee recruits new businesses and helps current business improve or expand.

Design Committee

A focus on Design supports a community’s transformation by enhancing the physical elements of downtown while capitalizing on the unique assets that set the commercial district apart. 

Main Streets enhance their appeal to residents

and visitors alike with:

  • attention to public space through the creation of pedestrian friendly streets,

  • inclusion of public art in unexpected areas,

  • visual merchandising,

  • adaptive reuse of older and historic buildings,

  • more efficiently-designed buildings,

  • transit oriented development, 

  • appropriately-designed signage,

  • window displays, 

  • landscaping, and much more.

Some examples have been:

  1. Downtown flower pot decorations

  2. Country Christmas Decorating

  3. Grant for Twelve Building Façade Improvements

  4. Grant for ​Business Awnings

  5. Grant for Wild Flower Garden

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