Yes, Jasper County, there will be a fair this year!

The Jasper County Fairboard is hard at work making plans for the 2011 Jasper County Fair scheduled for July 15-21, in Colfax. Contrary to the many rumors around the county the past few months, we are determined to have a fair at the fairgrounds in Colfax this year and for the foreseeable future.

Volunteers and Superintendents are still signing up to help. The Fairbook has gone to print, the ribbons have arrived, and the entertainment schedule is being tweaked. The judges are in place and the every-year details are being finalized. We have had to make some adjustments and look at some items from a different angle than is traditional, but we are on track for 2011.

This year’s fair may have a little bit different look as we proceed with as many of the traditional events and competitions as possible. Our goal is to make sure that the youth and residents of Jasper County still have a place and events to showcase their many talents and handiwork exhibits, and have a great gathering place to celebrate their rewards.

Hundreds of volunteer hours have already been exhausted and more are needed as we spend the spring scraping, painting, pounding, and rebuilding the many areas of the fairgrounds that make the fair a home. Not every corner of the grounds will look or feel the same for this year but it will still be the Jasper County Fair none the less.

We have lots of questions to answer about our future, but what we do know is that yes, Jasper County, we will have a fair this year. Please join us for the 2011 Jasper County Fair, July 15-21, in Colfax.

~Jasper County Fairboard